Requirements / Educational Requirements

Requirements for exhibiting a market steer, lamb or hog at the La Crosse Interstate Fair

1) Exhibitor must be enrolled (by April 1st) in a La Crosse County 4-H, FFA, FHA Scouting program or other recognized youth organization under adult leadership. This organization must have an education program approved by the Ag Society.

2) Exhibitor must carry the designated livestock project within that organization to be eligible to show and sell at the La Crosse Interstate Fair.

3) Exhibitor must attend at least 2 educational sessions (see Educational Requirements below)

4) In order for the animal to sell, it must be weighed and identified at the designated county or state fair weigh in dates. The animal must also be eligible to show - in order for it to sell.

a) Market lambs, hogs and steers will be identified with an ear tag provided by the La Crosse Interstate Fair Junior Livestock Sale Committee or by the Wisconsin State Fair.

b) Market animals not identified by either a La Crosse Interstate Fair or Wisconsin State Fair ear tag are not eligible to show at the fair.

c) Designated Wisconsin State Fair identification/weigh-in dates may be substituted for the county's initial Spring identification/weigh-in for steers, market lambs and market hogs. If the youth chooses to use the state fair identification/weigh-in information instead of the county identification/weigh-in, it is the responsibility of the youth to submit copies of the state fair paperwork to the La Crosse County Extension Office within 14 calendar days of the state fair identification/weigh-in.   Failure to submit a **completed copy of the paperwork will result in the animals(s) NOT being elibible for the Championship Drive or the Livestock Sale at the La Crosse Interstate Fair.   **Completed copy for Sheep identificaton/weigh-in forms must have recorded the state fair tag number, scrapie tag number, and weights for ALL lambs.

d) If a market animal loses a La Crosse Interstate Fair tag, the youth must contact the La Crosse County Extension Office immediately for a replacement.

e) If a market animal loses a Wisconsin State Fair tag prior to July 15th exhibitors will be sent replacements by submitting the replacement identification form available online at   Animals without official identification tags upon arrival at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds or those who loose tags after July 15th must complete a protest form and submit a DNA sample to become elegible to show.

5) The exhibitor is required to participate in showmanship of the species that is to be sold.

6) Exhibitor must follow all rules and regulations outlined in the La Crosse Interstate Fair Exhibitor Guide & Premium List (published each spring)

7) If an exhibitor does not own the livestock they will be exhibiting - it will be necessary to complete Managerial forms for sheep, beef and swine to exhibit at the Wisconsin State Fair. La Crosse Interstate Fair allows managerial projects in beef and sheep. The following managerial form for Beef , managerial form for Sheep (attached below) or copy of the Wisconsin State Fair Managerial form is required.  There is a limit on the # of managerial animals that can be shown.

Educational Requirements

This website and the UW Extension Cloverline will announce upcoming educational sessions that have been approved for youth planning to exhibit market beef, sheep or swine in the La Crosse Interstate Fair

Exhibitors must attend at least 2 educational sessions - 1 of which must be in the species they intend to exhibit/sell.

 Examples of approved education sessions include:

Carcass Show (July - Tuesday after fair)

MAQA's (Meat Animal Quality Assurance meetings)

Pork Twilight Meeting - 1st Mon in June

Holstein Twilight Meeting - early June

Pork Producers Annual Meeting - late January

County run Fitting or Showing Workshops

** other Judging/Livestock events may be eligible. Complete and submit an Education Session Application Form (see attachment below) to the UW Extension Office within 30 days of the event and prior to June 30.


 Click to view the full list of Junior Livestock Project and Auction Rules from the La Crosse Interstate Fair and Premium Guide
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